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      1. Hello, welcome to Shanghai Weilun Valve Group Co.,Ltd! 中文版 | English

        Shanghai Weilun Valve Group Co., Ltd. is a group company focuses on fluid control valves. With R&D,manufacture, sales and technical service, Weilun now has 4 subsidiaries. Possessing large-scale technology R&D, production and NDT bases, Weilun has provided millions of valves for global clients...
        Oil & Gas Solutions
        With the increasing of worldwide demand for oil products and oil & gas resources almost dried up, the oil & gas collection, transportation, processing have become increasingly complex, costly and facing more and more personalized technical requirements...
        Cryogenic Field Solutions
        Weilun valve devotes to valve technology research in tough working conditions. Based on medium characteristics, correct choice of structural materials, rigorous process, optimized design, Weilun provides fluid control solutions at...
        Power Industry Solutions
        Every country around the world is doing its best to meet the worldwide growing demand for electricity. Power industry has been seeking new ways to develop the precious energy resources more quickly, safely and efficiently, while causing ...
        Chemical Industry Solutions
        Weilun provides high-quality, cost-competitive, highly reliable products and service solutions for the develop of chemical industry, In special applications, our global expert groups have extensive experience in the field of chemical and petrochemical industry...
        Wellhead Service Solutions
        With a long history of building wellhead valves, Weilun has mature production experience and reliable quality assurance system. Manufactured strictly according to API 6A standard, our valves can meet the requirements of onshore and...
        General Industry solutions
        Weilun has developed various high-tech valves which have been widely used in the conditions of high temperature, high pressure, cryogenic, deep sea and polar region. We have been taking a leading position in the area of low leakage...


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        About Us
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        Add:26th Floor, Zhongguancun Science and Technology Building, No. 2911 North Zhongshan Road ,Putuo District, Shanghai, China.
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